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Alpine Loop

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Description: This ride heads up American Fork Canyon, over the mountain and then down Provo Canyon.
Comments: This is another classic Salt Lake area ride. The route up American Fork Canyon is about 3,000 feet of climbing at an average of 6.7% grade. The reverse route is nice too.
Distance: 40.03 miles
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Total Elevation Gain: 4385 feet
Elevation Profile:
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User Ratings

This is a fantastic ride - it just keeps going up and up! Beautiful scenery. I went early-season just before the loop opened for cars. Nearly ran into a moose about two miles from the top. We stared each other down briefly, but fortunately he turned and trotted off the road. If you go before the loop opens, be careful of downed trees and the debris left from cutting up any downed trees.
Posted Jan. 03, 2008 by Rich in AZ

The climb up American Fork Canyon is really spectacular and views from the top can't be beat. Unfortunately the traffic in Provo canyon and parts of the Utah Valley is pretty scary.
Posted Aug. 29, 2007 by DJohn

For an up and back, try starting at Vivian Park in Provo Canyon and ride up past Sundance to the Summit trailhead and back. Weekends can make for a lot of traffic, but this is such a beautiful ride, particularly in the Autumn. The initial couple of miles up to Sundance are kind of steep, but not oppressive.
Posted Jul. 19, 2007 by kbg

Another great area ride. To make it a little more challenging, ride up and over South Mountain (Suncrest), on the way to the loop, and then again on the way back.
Posted Jul. 09, 2007 by TrekGuy

Go in the Spring, when the snow is almost gone and before the Loop is open to cars.
Posted Jun. 19, 2007 by ralphs old bike

In my opinion, this is the best ride in the Salt Lake/Provo area. It is a nice long ascent no matter which side you decide to climb, and the scenery is fantastic. The only thing I don't like about it is the Provo Canyon traffic, but if you start the ride early, it isn't too much of a problem.
Posted Jun. 30, 2008 by Jeff

The ride was great. Beuatfil sceanery. If you end at the Provo side and go to vivian park there is another climb call south fork and after that you can ride Donw on the provo trial located in vivian park. The trial is for bikes, runners and walking.
Posted Jul. 27, 2009 by RJ

The key is to not do the loop. Just avoid the Provo Canyon side. There is a turnout right before the AF Canyon guard shack. Park there, ride up and over the top, turn around at Aspen Grove, and go back over the summit. Same amount of time as doing the loop, but all the views, and almost none of the scary traffic and bad shoulder. For extra water (and climbing) and almost car free riding, do the Cascade Springs spur.
Posted Aug. 14, 2009 by Todd

Wonderful ride, I parked on 92 and rode up to the top and then came back down the same way. I thought the ride was beautiful, the switch-backs are fun. This was a great work out, very steady and traffic was not that bad on the road. I will definately do this ride again, next time I will do the complete loop.
Posted Jun. 17, 2010 by Dan K - Buffalo, NY

One of the classic rides in the Salt Lake Valley. A great mostly shaded, woodsy canyon climb with less traffic than you'd think since it's a toll road. I prefer not to do the loop either and just climb and descend the American Fork side. Do the loop once just to experience it, but the descent down Provo Canyon isn't that fun with cars whizzing by at 60 mph. It's nice wide shoulder but with rumble strips. Unless you're familiar with Pleasant Grove area, you'll want to bring a turn by turn map to get back to the mouth of American Fork Canyon.
Posted Oct. 24, 2010 by Tim M

Posted Apr. 20, 2011 by Rob Miller

started out in holladay went up traverse ridge then up the loop down the canyon through orem, am fork. point of the mountain and back to holladay. It was a beautiful ride and a excellent way to see where your fitness level is.
Posted Jul. 12, 2011 by dick w

Just did this ride yesterday. The canyon was beautiful with the fall colors out. My brother and I started at Daybreak, went up the north side of Suncrest, down into alpine and then up A.F. canyon. We returned by the same route. Total was 70 miles and about 7,000 feet of vertical. All in all a beautiful ride and great workout.
Posted Sep. 25, 2011 by Jeff Davis

first time doing it, and it was STUNNING. but i did the whole loop, despite what i read on this page. i will NOT do the provo side again. the 4-lane highway is kind of horrible, especially after the awesome ride from af to sundance. i don't even think it's a must-do-once kind of thing. save yourself the loud, polluted scary part and turn back at sundance. awesome x2.
Posted Oct. 14, 2011 by tapmonkey

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