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Emigration Canyon II

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Description: This ride starts at the zoo and heads up Emigration canyon. When you reach the first u-turn, just continue straight.
Comments: The first portion of this ride is a consistent 5% grade. One you elect to go straight and not stay on the main road, the grade changes to inlude 8, 10 and even 14% sections. After about 1.2 miles the road narrows considerably and it's probably time to turn around. The notch you see on the elevation profile is where you continue straight as the road u-turns to the right.
Distance: 8.40 miles (one way)
GPS track log: Here (right click and select "Save Target As")
Total Elevation Gain: 1828 feet
Elevation Profile:
ride elevation profile

Interactive route map: (colors indicate relative elevation): legend

User Ratings

This is a really nice Salt Lake ride. The extra challenge in the last section is a lot of fun.
Posted Sep. 24, 2006 by Joe

I always enjoy Emigration Canyon, but I prefer the switchbacks and Big Mountain to that steep, nasty, narrow little road. Drivers, i.e, mostly neighbors, are very courteous to road bikers.
Posted Oct. 02, 2006 by spinprincess96

I did this for the first time today and I plan on adding it to my regular circuit. The traffic isn't nearly as bad as the "regular" Emigration ride. And, since the road pretty much dead ends, you don't have the idiots who speed through because they're on their way to someplace else. All or most of the drivers are locals who drive quite safely. You know you're doing a great workout when the easy sections are 8-9% For full value, go alllll the way to the house with the blue iron gates. After that, you can't go any farther unless you want to trespass.
Posted Oct. 22, 2006 by 514Climber

This ride a great killer-diller work out. Quite peaceful and scenic. Traffic minimal. Climber514 states the trkuth. This route was great for Lotoja preperation.
Posted Nov. 18, 2006 by Bill

Beautiful, and not so challenging but a good workout overall!
Posted Apr. 21, 2010 by Heidi H

One of my favorites, mostly because nobody seems to know about it (I've always called it PineCrest Canyon) and as such, its quite desoalte. The "Dead End" sign at the beginning is ominous, but it seems to keep most traffic out. It's not uncommon to not see a single car while climbing. Keep a lookout for the creepy guy in the trees at the very top. Otherwise, its a great way to add some mileage to a traditional Emigration Canyon ride and it's one of my favorites.
Posted Sep. 02, 2011 by Dave

beautiful, little traffic. the climb to big mtn is a grunt but highly recommended. note: exposed, so there's little shade.
Posted Oct. 14, 2011 by tapmonkey

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