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Description: This ride picks up at the frontage road and Bangerter. It heads south, around the point of the mountain (be careful of the gravel trucks) and goes east on the Alpine Hwy. At (insert correct road name here), it heads up over the point of the mountain and then comes down Traverse Ridge.
Comments: A newer ride in the valley. It opened up late in the summer of 2005. the route from the south has a much lower grade than the going up from the north. Also, the road on the north side, Traverse Ridge is pretty busy and you need to be very careful. Heading around the point of the mountain on any day other than Sunday involves sharing the road with large gravel trucks - be careful!
Distance: 19.20 miles
GPS track log: Here (right click and select "Save Target As")
Total Elevation Gain: 2012 feet
Elevation Profile:
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Interactive route map: (colors indicate relative elevation): legend

User Ratings

This route seem brutal if done from north to south, but seems a lot more do-able from the south side. This one's becomming pretty popular.
Posted Sep. 24, 2006 by Joe

So, I'll admit it. This ride kicked my butt. Tough, with lots of climbing and steeper grades than I find enjoyable. Great ride when I want to really challenge myself! Very pretty views that I don't usually see!
Posted Sep. 26, 2006 by spinprincess96

A very aesthetic climb. This climb is actually made up of climbs followed by a relatively flat section followed by another climb. After a few 8 percent appetizers, you will come across a huge arc - this is the main course at 10 percent and about a mile and a half. You can't miss it - it truly is a dramatic arc that shows you what you're in for. Remember - this section does NOT end until you pass the cheesey Suncrest sign on your right. An easy section follows. Then another short climb that feels around 8 percent to me. Go across the stop sign to refuel at the mini-market (think of an upscale Maverick without the gas station) or turn right at the stop sign for a short 9 percent climb, then a short 7 percent climb to a scenic overlook. If your legs are willing, definitely try the back side that drops you down to American Fork. That climb is only 8 percent at its steepest. But it has very large shoulder and the pavement is in great shape. IMPORTANT! When descending the steeper side of Suncrest, be very careful after you pass the small police station. THE SHOULDER IS LARGE BUT IT CAN GET VERY GRAVELLY.
Posted Sep. 30, 2006 by 514Climber

Great ride!! At first I thought the north face would be harder than it was but if you pace yourself up the HUGE switchback at the top it really was achievable. Once you get to the top of the north climb turn around and enjoy the view for a minute, it is really nice. I agree with the other comments that you should do it when the traffic is not as heavy. It can get pretty hairy and the drivers are not what you would call "biker friendly."
Posted Jul. 28, 2007 by Jeremy

A challenging ride from the north, especially if you include the approximate 1 mile climb up Bangerter road to Traverse Ridge. This ride is best to do early in the morning, when the auto traffic is light. My only complaint is the road quality on the descent (Too many manholes and poor road repairs), which can give you quite a jar if you don't pick a good line. Be careful on the descent near where the road first begins to make the wide arc, as the wind as seems the strongest here, and can blow you and your bike all over the road. A triple crank makes the climb much more tolerable, and helps you to control your heart rate according to your training target. Pretty tough ride, but not as bad as some of the posted comments would indicate.
Posted Jun. 21, 2007 by TrekGuy

Great ride...kicked my behind, but was a great challenge for a rider who is pushing to improve.
Posted Sep. 21, 2008 by Mason

Did the ride a second time and found it to be fantastic...very do-able, on the frontage road going around the point there can be some crazy wind gusts (just look how much fun the hang-gliders are having!). Visually, it's a very rewarding ride.
Posted Oct. 25, 2008 by mason

Eight percent coming up the south side of the ridge; 10% going down the north! This not the place for bad brakes or a blowout. Heckuva thrill if you're prepared, though.
Posted Jul. 16, 2009 by Bill

I don't know if my garmin 500 is wrong, but from the north side- I had a read of 12% in some sections going up the HUGE sweeper at the top.
Posted Mar. 01, 2010 by RC

I love this ride. I live on the South side and prefer the up and back as the traffic can be heavy on SR 92. The great thing about this climb is the speed with which you can descend and a decent shoulder most of the way. Since the curves are wide and sweeping, you can just fly down. I agree with the comment about wind, etc. descending the North side. Also, another warning to watch the road closely. Pick a good line and you're fine. Ride in the road when your speed is appropriate for a smoother ride. The scenery is nice, but doesn't rival the Alpine Loop.
Posted May. 26, 2010 by KSev

I've biked from home in Orem up the south side and back several times on early summer mornings--it's a nice workout, great views, a very bike-friendly road, and there's been more bicycle than auto traffic the times I've gone up. That's easily a five-star ride by itself; however, the north side (Traverse Ridge Road) is less bike-friendly in terms of traffic and road condition; also, rounding the point of the mountain is a long, slow climb sucking exhaust from I-15 and dodging cement trucks--not the most pleasant ride.
Posted Jun. 17, 2010 by Jeremy

I did this ride North to South several years ago. The ascent kicked my butt, but it was a great ride. I look forward to riding it again.
Posted Jan. 16, 2011 by Kelli

Anyone that rides the Traverse Ridge Road side of this takes their life into their own hands. There is just not enough room for bikes and the trucks the road was meant to be used for.
Posted Jun. 16, 2011 by Tracy

A great ride from Alpine up suncrest and down through Bluffdale to Redwood Road and then south along Redwood road to Utah Lake, a break at the marina in Saratoga Springs then back roads back to the Alpine highway and back up to Alpine. Most of the way has good bike lanes and not much traffic when no lanes.
Posted Sep. 17, 2011 by mike

New to cycling and this was my first climbing ride. Rode from south to north and it was an awsome ride. Great views. Rode up on Thanksgiving Morning with little auto traffic but was surprised with all of the riders coming up on my way down. I am a commuter from PG to Provo and not much other training. I handled Suncrest reasonably well but it was a long accent for me. Can't wait to do it again.
Posted Dec. 29, 2011 by Cool Chirs

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