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Riding in Salt Lake

The City of Salt Lake has a "Mayors Bicycling Advisory Committee" that meets monthly. The meetings are on the second Wednesday of every month from 5-7 pm in the Canon Room on the 3rd floor of the City and County building at 451 South State Street. For additional information contact Lisa Romney at 801-535-7704.

Many thanks to all who were involed with House Bill 49. This legislation calls for motorists to give 3 feet of clearance when overtaking a bicyclist on Utah roadways. It was signed into law by Governor Huntsman in February of 2005. I have found local law enforcement to be very assertive in enforcement of this law - just give them a call with a license plate number the next time some one zips by you within a few inches.

During your rides, you'll probably come accross something that stands out for you. For example - one day I noticed that a particular traffic light would never recognize that I was waiting for it to change. Each of the cities and counties have transportation departments that rely on citizens to inform them of maintenance needs. Many of these issues may not get addressed unless you speak up. Here are some examples: