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Big Cottonwood Canyon
Little Cottonwood Canyon
Around the valley
Bikes for Kids Utah, 2006
Lake Tahoe
Southeast Benches
Sego Lilly
Josie Johnson Memorial ride 2006
Alpine Loop
City Creek Canyon
Millcreek Canyon
Wasatch Blvd
Emigration Canyon
Bear Lake
Emigration Canyon II
Heber Century 06
West Benches
Heber City
Sego Lilly to Creek Road
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Salt Lake Cycling is dedicated to cycling in the Salt Lake City area. We have information on many rides in the Salt Lake City area and even a few other places. We are dedicated to road biking.

When I personally got into road biking, I quickly ran into challenges finding routes that were proven and reliable. I also wanted to know what the climbing profiles would look like on these rides. Now I've build up a collection of favorites and want to share them with other cyclists. We are not a big corporate web presence. We ride these routes ourselves and create the GPX track logs ourselves.

This web site represents my passion for cycling and my home of Salt Lake City, Utah. Enjoy yourself and please ride safely and courteously.